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Best Friend

Imagine having an assistant that knows your community like the back of their hand.


Community managers are
incredibly impactful

But the highest impact activities are also the hardest to scale. Gigabuddy is here to change that.

Your ultimate community assistant

Human-Human Connections

Meaningfully connect your community, at scale

Welcoming & Onboarding

Get people comfortable and talking

Increased event engagement

Turn members into attendees

Hear your community

Understand their wants and needs

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Alida Tomaszewski - Co-founder
Gigabuddy is the tool I dreamed of when I was running large communities for people with medical needs. Connecting and responding to thousands of people doesn’t come easy - Gigabuddy fosters those meaningful connections and reduces our cognitive burden, all in an emotionally intelligent way.

Our goal is to make community management fun, easy, and effective - because there’s nothing more powerful than meaningfully connecting people in a digital age.

Alida Tomaszewski

Tom Hamer CEO Marqo
In an era where technology often drives us apart, we’re flipping the script. We’re harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, coupled with deep psychological insights, to enhance online communities and bring us all closer together.

Jason McPherson
Founding Scientist

Tom Hamer CEO Marqo
It’s been so great to partner with the Gigabuddy team, and amazing to see them finding new ways to use Marqo. What they’re building is really taking conversational AI to the next level.

Tom Hamer

We are on a mission to bring ease and delight to work and life. 

Daniel Bertram & Alida Tomaszewski in a country setting.The Gigabuddy team sitting at outside bar.

Co-founders: Daniel Bertram & Alida Tomaszewski

A beautiful team, the Gigabuddy dream.