Your Community's
Best Friend

Imagine having an AI-powered assistant that knows your community like the back of their hand.

Gigabuddy is a customisable community management tool, coming soon to


Don’t chase engagement,
be fully engaged

Gigabuddy takes the highest impact activities of community managers and scales them.

Your ultimate
community assistant

Meaningfully connect your community

Don’t try to match-make for 1000 of your friends.

Gigabuddy constantly learns about each member, identifies meaningful connections, and facilitates them on demand.

Frenchies Abroad
  • Alida Tomaszewski

    Alida Tomaszewski

    Hey Taylor, could you connect me with someone who’s has experience at startup funding?

  • Treaure-seeking Taylor

    Treaure-seeking Taylor

    Seeking funds? Do I have a treasure for you! Meet @SarahJennings, maestro of VC pitches who loves to advise.

New users feel welcome, faster

Say goodbye to generic welcome messages, unread intro channels, and impersonal FAQ’s for the community.

Gigabuddy renews the Welcome Journey - individually reaching out to users, welcoming them, and answering their questions all with your community’s personalised touch.

Frenchies Abroad
  • Bari the Baguette

    Bari the Baguette

    Bonjour Greg! I’ve sniffed out that you adore le whiskey et le fromage! There is another member like you in here! Fancy une introduction to @WilliamTaber

  • Gregory Livon

    Gregory Livon

    Sounds good!

  • Bari the Baguette

    Bari the Baguette

    Magnifique, Greg! I shall prepare a gourmet intro for you two! 🥃 🧀

Turn members into attendees

Put a stop to “Spray and pray” community wide invites and notifications and hoping for the best.

Gigabuddy boosts your event attendance by sending personalised invitations and well timed reminders to your members.

AI Dev Club
  • Cody


    beep-boop Hey Daniel, I spotted your interest in robotics. There’s a hands-on build session this Thursday. Wanna join and make some robot friends? 3 people you know have RSVP’d

  • Daniel


    Yes thanks!

  • Cody


    cheerful beeeeeep

Ensuring you and your members never miss a thing

You wake up, there are 4 new channels, 20 new ideas, and 200 unread messages. It can feel relentless.

With Gigabuddy, everyone stays informed on engaging discussions and, most importantly, caught up on any relevant information they may have missed.

  • Zenon


    Hey Ava, what did I miss?

  • Ava


    Good morning Zenon!

    While you were gone:

    1. Alida was asking for feedback on her chatbot prototype.
    2. The team’s settling on a venue for the startup mixer - so far pizza is winning!

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Alida Tomaszewski - Co-founder
Gigabuddy is the tool I dreamed of when I was running large communities for people with medical needs. Connecting and responding to thousands of people doesn’t come easy - Gigabuddy fosters those meaningful connections and reduces our cognitive burden, all in an emotionally intelligent way.

Our goal is to make community management fun, easy, and effective - because there’s nothing more powerful than meaningfully connecting people in a digital age.

Alida Tomaszewski

Jason McPherson - Founding Scientist
In an era where technology often drives us apart, we’re flipping the script. We’re harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, coupled with deep psychological insights, to enhance online communities and bring us all closer together.

Jason McPherson
Founding Scientist

Tom Hamer CEO Marqo
It’s been so great to partner with the Gigabuddy team, and amazing to see them finding new ways to use Marqo. What they’re building is really taking conversational AI to the next level.

Tom Hamer

We are on a mission to bring ease and delight to work and life 

Daniel Bertram & Alida Tomaszewski in a country setting.The Gigabuddy team sitting at outside bar.

Co-founders: Daniel Bertram & Alida Tomaszewski

A beautiful team, the Gigabuddy dream.